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  • I need a fast response
    Your Challenge I need a fast response

    We understand that when you are having a problem, you want to be able to fix it right away. There is nothing worse than playing phone tag or waiting for a response. 

    Our Solution Live answer That's why we are committed to having a live team member of EZ Micro answer the phone. There's no automated message. Response time is important to us, and our management team monitors each response and resolution time, to every ticket, weekly.
  • I need reliable computers
    Your Challenge I need reliable computers No one wants to lose valuable work, or waste time having to do it all over again. It’s frustrating when there is no process in place to stop potential problems in their tracks.
    Our Solution Standardization, process & documentation

    We have developed tried and true best practices from our own years of experience that significantly reduce downtime.

    We have proactive services that reduce problems and increase efficiency. This saves you time and keeps issues at a minimum. 

  • I need to work efficiently
    Your Challenge I need to work efficiently Is your business adjusting to the technology you have, rather than your technology adapting to the way you need to work? We can help you chart a smarter, more efficient path to success with the tools that fit your needs.
    Our Solution We take the time to understand your business In order to help you work more efficiently, it is our job to understand your business. We dig into what you use your computer system for, how you need it to operate, and why.

    During our many years of service, we have helped businesses in a range of industries work smarter, not harder.
  • I need a team who knows me
    Your Challenge I need a team who knows me Are you tired of explaining your situation and technology over and over again, each and every time you call? It sounds like you need a team who will take the time to get to know you so you never have to over-explain again.
    Our Solution It's part of our culture

    It’s woven into our culture to not only know your equipment and software, but to get to know you and the way you work. 

    At EZ Micro, we know your employees by name and the technology they rely on.                                             

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