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We could talk at length about why you should choose EZ Micro Solutions for all of your IT needs, but we don't have to because our loyal customers have done it for us. See what some of our incredible clients have to say about EZ Micro.

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Business owners need an IT expert that can work as part of their team. As a business owner, Mike Jenkins knew that he couldn't do it all himself, so he decided to bring in an expert to be proactive about PC health. That's when EZ Micro got involved.

Operations directors need an IT solution that can free up their time. As the Director of Operations at Allentown Rescue Mission, Hillary didn't have time to worry about computers. She needed to find an IT solution that would help her back up data and let her get back to work. EZ Micro was that solution.

Office managers need a team that can eliminate IT fires, not just put them out. Debbie knows that as the Office Manager of a company that keeps important health records, she needs someone to help put out fires and keep electronic medical records protected. She needed a magic wand. EZ Micro is that magic wand.

Technology managers need someone to help with the heavy lifting. As a Technology Manager, Tim knew that he needed someone to help him manage the day-to-day operations, as well as the big projects. So, EZ Micro stepped in to become part of the team.

We are new to the world of EZ Micro. Our experience has been excellent so far. As we are not experts in the IT area, EZ Micro's staff has been patient with our questions and their response has been great. I look forward to building our relationship as we grow our business.
Investment Advisors
Back in 2007, we were looking for a full-scope solution for our IT needs. At that point in time, we didn’t have a very good system in place or any disaster recovery, so we were looking for a full package of services. We began calling local IT companies in the area, when another municipality recommended that we look into EZ Micro.

We interviewed 5 candidates and EZ Micro was the only one who could provide us with what we were looking for. The main reason we chose them is because they truly were a 24/7 operation. Our municipality has a police department and a fire department, so we needed a company that could be available all of the time.

We have a very complex system here. We have been with EZ Micro for 10 years, and they’ve been terrific.
Forks Township Municipality
One evening I received calls from our employees that our server was down and they couldn’t access their emails or do any work from home. I called EZ Micro at 9 p.m. and they restarted the server and we were up and running again. 
Miers Insurance
Michael was a great help. He did everything he could do to help me by restoring an older saved document of a presently corrupted one. This saved me hours of work in rebuilding said doc. Thank you, Michael! 
Calvary Baptist Church
As always the response and resolution to the problem was excellent!
Center for Humanistic Change
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