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EZ Micro allows you to strategically rethink your IT so that you can work more efficiently. Our talented staff of dedicated servers help you stay productive by keeping your network and computers up and running. We have skin in the game and take responsibility for your success so you can focus on growing your business. Strategic, accountable, and proactive. It’s the EZ Micro way.

IT Management

It is not uncommon for the owner of a small business to fill several management roles within their company. As the company grows, he/she may outsource or hire people to fill those roles so that the focus can be to grow the company. Businesses will have a CFO to manage finances and a COO to manage operations. The Chief Sales Director and Chief HR roles are often filled appropriately and strategically. Most business owners are comfortable with these positions because at some point they have filled those roles themselves and they understand how they contribute to the company’s success.

Filling the IT management role within a company is often not addressed as strategically as the other important roles because many business owners are not familiar with what a CIO (Chief Information Officer) does. When the CIO role is not filled, the company does not benefit from the strategic use of technology. Technology becomes a burden when a good strategic plan is not implemented. This is where EZ Micro can help. Our strategic plan for you is what sets us apart from a typical support company.

At EZ Micro, we serve as your IT department. It's that simple. Our company is designed to service your needs as if we were a part of your company, so that technology starts feeling more like an asset rather than a burden. It's not about fixing things that break. It is about making sure your company is working efficiently and becoming more profitable.


Other Solutions


You have a goal in mind, we have a way to do it. We can help you with every step of the planning and implementation to help you achieve all of your IT needs.


You need a strategy in place to keep you from losing valuable digital data. Unless you have a backup disaster recovery plan, that is effective and checked regularly, you are at risk! We can help give you peace of mind.


Whether you are looking for support migrating to the cloud, or you're looking for customized support, we can help you work from anywhere at anytime.

We Have The Plan, You Have The Peace Of Mind