I know I promised you 5 secrets – and I will give them to you – but I want to let you in on the real secret.  What computer experts aren’t telling you is that many of them are only one dimensional.  They may be a “technical expert” but that is not what most of us actually need.  What we really desire is someone who understands the “mission of our computer”......

Why do you use your computer? Do you go on the computer just because you want something to play with?  No.  The reality is, we go on the computer to accomplish something. Maybe it’s as simple as browsing Facebook or as complicated as running a business.  Either way, your computer can be configured to meet your needs.

Each of us have a different goal and each computer can be optimized to meet that goal.  Finding an expert that not only knows their way around a computer backward and forwards but also asks you questions to define your use is the true gem.  This person (or people) will be able to determine what you want to accomplish and that is where you will find the real value.

Ok – so here is what I promised.  The following are 5 short term ways to gain speed but remember finding a true expert will always be more productive.

Number One: Run Disk Clean Up! Ok – I know those words are foreign to most people but don’t worry, I am also including easy step by step instructions. This is a quick way to clear up some space that you didn’t even know was slowing you down.
It sounds confusing but it’s pretty simple:
Step one: Open Windows Explorer.
Step two: Right click on the c: drive
Step three: Select properties.
Step four: Disk cleanup is the button once you open properties.
Step five: Click on all the check boxes and hit ok. 

Number Two:  Run Defragmentation! Again – if you are like the average computer user you have no idea what that means or how to do it – so here are step by step instructions:
Step one: Open Windows Explorer.
Step two: Right click on the c: drive
Step three: Select properties.
Step four: Click on the Tools tab
Step five: Click Optimize
Step six: Click Optimize again

Number Three:  Don’t open more than 5 browser tabs at one time I can’t tell you the amount of times that I look up and realize I have 25 different pages up!  It’s so easy to be looking at something and you have 8 million distractions.  First, your son or daughter comes into the room and needs to know what time Walmart closes, then your spouse wants to know what the score of the game is, then you see a great deal on the side of the page that you must look at, and so on and so on……  before you know it there are 25 tabs open and your computer is slowing down.
If you start closing pages after you are done with them, you will start to notice a difference in speed for the things you are actually using.

Number Four:  Disable unnecessary start up programs Do you even know what start up programs you have?  Most of us don’t!    How many of us are old enough to remember the pain of having to install a new program? Now it is so much simpler but those sneaky programmers 😉 can put in things we don’t even look at.

Here are some easy instructions to see what you have and disable what you don’t need:

Step one: Right click on task bar (the black bar usually at the bottom of your screen) and choose Task Manager
Step two: Click Start Up tab (this will show you a list of all the programs in your start up tab)
Step three:  Determine any programs you don’t want automatically starting, click once on that program and then hit disable (on the lower right hand side of the box)

Number Five:  Get a Solid State Hard Drive This one will involve some expense but is a sure-fire way to improve speed.  I can’t tell you how surprised I was when I got my new laptop, which I have to admit, was quite a few years old.  With all the expenses in life, upgrading my personal laptop was just not top of the list.  So, when I finally couldn’t wait any longer we went out and bought one and was advised that I must go with an SSD (Solid State Drive).  I sat down, turned on my laptop, and got ready to wait the forever amount of time for it to boot up.  But before I could even turn in my seat, I was at the login screen! It was honestly so fast I thought something was wrong.   So, if you are buying anything new, or just want to invest in a speed boost for your computer now – get a SSD!
If you have any other ways that you use to make your computer faster, comment below.  I would love to hear them!