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August/September/October Edition 2016
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Congratulations Benjamin & Tabitha Lewis!!!

They welcomed their first child into the world,
a healthy baby boy...

Anakin James Lewis
The Synergy Project
This holiday season, as part of EZ Micro's annual Giving Tree program, we are collecting much needed supplies for the Synergy Project, an outreach of Valley Youth House.

The Synergy Project is designed to help runaway, homeless, nomadic and street youth, age 21 and under, in Allentown, Bucks County and Philadelphia. The program offers survival supplies, peer support, informal counseling, information and referral services and assistance to get off the streets, if desired. Street Outreach coordinators spend most of their time in the Synergy Project Jeep or walking, kayaking and biking to remote areas to meet with young people who tend to settle in places that are not easily accessible, assisting them to find permanent housing or making it safer for them to be on the streets.

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EZMicro presents...


Tearful 3-year-old tells dad how Barbie
made her break the nail polish rules

What Are Your Reason For
Using A Phone While Driving?
Congratulations EZ Micro
by Wendy Solomon
The Greater Lehigh Valley is fertile ground for growing successful businesses, with 13 making Inc. magazine's list of the 5,000 fastest-growing private companies.

LiveHelpNow, a Bethlehem company that creates live customer service chat software, was among Inc.'s top 500 for the second consecutive year, coming in at No. 438. Founded in 2011, the company experienced 873 percent growth over the last three years and had revenues of $2.4 million in 2015.

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The Antikythera Mechanism:
The World's Oldest Analog Computer
by David Brown
Mysterious ancient gear wheels. Complex astronomical calculations. Precise manufacturing. It sounds like a script from a television show about ancient aliens. But these are terms used to describe a 2,000-year-old device found off the coast of the island of Antikythera in the Aegean Sea. The researcher Tony Freeth wrote of the discovery: "If the ancient Greek scientists could produce these gear systems 2,000 years ago, the whole history of western technology would have to be rewritten."

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Interesting group of old pictures- enjoy!  SEE MORE HERE

Here is the way they parked cars in NYC during the 1930's. Wouldn't you love to own this group of cars today?!

A worker helping to build the Empire State Building in the 1930's, during the Great Depression era.
No safety equipment used here and
very dangerous work.
Yahoo confirms major breach — and it could be the largest hack of all time
Kif Leswing
Yahoo on Thursday revealed a massive data breach of its services.

Yahoo "has confirmed that a copy of certain user account information was stolen from the company's network in late 2014 by what it believes is a state-sponsored actor," the company posted on its investor relations page.

The stolen data include names, email addresses, telephone numbers, birthdays, hashed passwords, and some "encrypted or unencrypted security questions and answers." Yahoo says it believes no payment card or bank account information was stolen. Read more
This is called Lateral Thinking ..

1. ------------
Ans. = man overboard

2. ------------
Ans. = I understand
Okay, let's see if you've got the hang of it.

Let's try a few now and see
how you fare ?
1. /r/e/a/d/i/n/g/

2. r

3. cycle

4. ------------

Get the Answer!
FINALLY:  An Easy Way to Control the Family Net
Circle Media Inc.
Got kids aged six to 16?

Circle With Disney is a new device that helps make Internet struggles at home a thing of the past. Imagine: no more negotiating with kids to get off the web and come to dinner, or get their homework done.

This cube (not exactly a cirlcle) lets you control Internet usage around your house with a tap on your iPhone. (Android compatibility coming soon.)

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Dropbox Hack Leads to Leaking of 68M User Passwords on the Internet
Data stolen in 2012 breach, containing encrypted passwords and details of around two-thirds of cloud firm's customers, has been leaked

Popular cloud storage firm Dropbox has been hacked, with over 68m users' email addresses and passwords leaking on to the internet.

The attack took place during 2012. At the time Dropbox reported a collection of user's email addresses had been stolen. It did not report that passwords had been stolen as well.

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Held at Camp Fowler in Orefield, Pennsylvania, Festif is a family fun event that combines cycling, trail running, entertainment, food, and fun. Rides range from family friendly distances to a quad burning 40 miles.

The vision for Camp Fowler is based on the belief that at risk youth, as well as youth in our community, will benefit from therapeutic, challenge based recreation and adventure in a camp setting.

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OOPS! I Let My Domain Name Expire - Now What?
Those are about the last words in the world you want to hear yourself uttering, but if you do, then you'll need to know how to handle it - quickly! (And don't roll your eyes - it's happened to many, accidentally.)

How do you know if your domain has expired? Your website will not be accessible on the web, and any other functions you have associated with that domain (like email service, subdomains, etc.) will likely stop functioning, potentially costing your company thousands of dollars per day in lost revenue.

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This Is How We S'More - Happy National S'Mores Day!
We're excited to announce that today, National S'mores Day, we're celebrating 100 years of Girl Scouts selling cookies by introducing the new Girl Scout S'mores™ cookies. That's right! We're combining two iconic Girl Scout traditions--s'mores and Girl Scout Cookies! Joining legendary classics like Thin Mints® and Caramel deLites®/Samoas®, the new Girl Scout S'mores™ cookies will be carried in select markets during the 2017 cookie season.

And it gets even better! As a nod to the different ways people "s'more," the new variety includes two versions:

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A Vacation Experience You Will Never Forget
The Last Giraffe (1979) (TV) Internet Movie Database

Giraffe Manor

Click HERE to watch an amazing video
A Fisherman Found a 75-LB Pearl in a Giant Clam!
A fisherman from the Philippines discovered a giant pearl a decade ago, and kept it under his bed as a good luck charm until this year. Now some estimates put its value at as much as $100 million.

The giant pearl supposedly formed inside a giant clam, which in and of itself is unusual, as clams rarely make pearls. Something clearly got out of hand for the poor creature, because this thing got big. Take a look at this monster.

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What is a Propeller Head anyway?
Ian Ellis
The name "propeller-head" is used nowadays for a technophile, sometimes disparagingly, for an enthusiast of technology and (according to the Mirriam-Webster Dictionary) especially of computers. In images, the modern geek may be satirized with a cap having one or two toy propellers mounted to spin horizontally above the top of the hat.

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Wedding Ceremony
At a wedding ceremony, the pastor asked if anyone had anything to say concerning the union of the bride and groom. It was their time to stand up and talk, or forever hold their peace.

The moment of utter silence was broken by a young beautiful woman carrying a child.

She started walking toward the pastor slowly.

Everything quickly turned to chaos.
The bride slapped the groom.
The groom's mother fainted.
The groomsmen started giving each other looks and wondering how best to help save the situation.

The pastor asked the woman, "Can you tell us why you came forward?

What do you have to say?"

The woman replied, "We can't hear in the back."
The World's Strangest
Theme Parks
The Telegraph
Whatever your interest or taste for fun, chances are there's a theme park created with you in mind. And Holy Land aside, many of the odder options are located overseas. From re-created 19th-century Dickensian towns to an imagination of Buddhist heaven, offbeat theme parks offer insights into culture rarely found from hobnobbing with life-size characters or riding a run-of-the-mill Ferris wheel.

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R.I.P. Encyclopedias, Chalk Dust, and the Scent of Sharpened Pencils
Lisa Buss
Today, parents rack up thousands in credit card debt acquiring whole new Back-To-School wardrobes. They custom-order monogrammed backpacks made from all natural materials and carefully dice organic, gluten-free lunches into Bento boxes, not to mention school supplies have monsooned into a 3-page list.

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New way of STEALING...

Be sure to read Scene 3. Quite interesting.

This is a new one. People sure stay busy, trying to cheat us, don't they? Make your kids read this one too!

A friend went to the local gym and placed his belongings in the locker. After the workout and a shower, he came out, saw the locker open, and thought to himself, 'Funny, I thought I locked the locker...

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Six Windows 10 Problems and How to Fix Them
Although Windows 10 comes with many exciting new features, accompanying them are complaints from the users: from shrinking storage space to the absence of the System Restore function. But fret not, we have listed the solutions for the most frequent Windows 10 problems.

1. Decreased storage space
You might not be aware that after the upgrade to Windows 10, the old version of Windows isn't deleted but is kept in the C:/ drive by the name of windows.old, which eats up a huge chunk of your disk space.

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The Most Extreme Staircases In The World Could Finally Squash Your Fear Of Heights
Suzy Strutner
When you want to sightsee and exercise at the same time, there's only one thing to do: climb a really, really big staircase. And if any are beautiful enough to tame your fear of heights, there are some pretty spectacular ones to check out.

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National Industrial Museum Opens in Bethlehem
Stacy Wescoe
The National Museum of Industrial History, on former Bethlehem Steel property on the city's South Side, has opened after years of planning and groundwork..

The museum, which is dedicated to preserving America's industrial heritage, had a grand opening and ribbon cutting this morning at 602 E. Second St., Bethlehem, which is now the SteelStacks campus.

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The Crayon Box That Talked
Shane DeRolf

While walking in a toy store the day before today, I overheard a crayon box with many things to say.

"I don't like Red!" said Yellow, and Green said, "Nor do I!

And no one here likes Orange, but no one knows just why."

"We are a bunch of crayons that doesn't get along," said Blue to all the others, "Something here is wrong!"

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Strange Offices in the World You Will Not Believe
The Telegraph
Office is the place, where we spend the same amount of time as in bed. Therefore, it is not surprising that many employers are struggling to make their office comfortable. After all, this depends critically on the productivity of employees. Someone is trying to make offices of nature, and someone is trying to recreate nature in the "urban jungle". Here are some of the most interesting offices in the world...may be you want join them or may be not..have a look...

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Abandoned Poconos Legend: Buck Hill Inn
Once upon a time, the Inn at Buck Hills Falls drew visitors from all over the country to indulge in its splendor and luxury. Perhaps the masterpiece of the Poconos when it opened in the early 1900s, the resort would eventually feature everything a traveler could want: a lush golf course, a shimmering pool, trails for horseback riding, and tennis courts, all sprawled over 1,000 acres that now sits abandoned.

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Setting the Stage with
Elton John

Our fearless leader David Dooley & his wife Paula Dooley attended an event hosted by Valley Youth House called, "Setting the Stage with Elton John!" Thousands of attendees filled The PPL Center to the MAX for this concert. Dave and Paula snapped some photos from that night, check them out below!
There's Something Truly Tragic About This Steam Train
Graveyard In Pennsylvania
Posted in Pennsylvania September 16, 2016 by Sophia


This remarkable footage of a collection of abandoned steam trains is like something out of a movie. Coming at us from YouTube channel "Abandoned Steve" is a haunting landscape of rusting engines, colorful rail cars and crumbling interiors. Read on for a preview of this fascinating site, and be sure to check out the footage down below. Tucked away in Scranton, a hauntingly beautiful graveyard of vintage steam locomotives is an irresistible lure to urban explorers.   Read more →
How to Request Service From EZ Micro Solutions


We're nuts about
helping our customers!
Do you need support? Are you a new client or a new employee of a client or do you just need a little refresh on how to request service from EZ Micro? Whatever the reason you are reading this article, here are the details for reaching us!

Service Desk
Our Dispatch Coordinator is the center of our support team. Any issues you experience should be reported here first by opening a Service Request using one of the following methods. Our service desk is available from 8:00 AM EST - 5:00 PM EST Monday through Friday.

Simply send an e-mail to support@ezmicro.com. The subject line of the e-mail will become the Summary of the Service Ticket. The body of the e-mail will be posted to the Detail Description section of the Service Ticket. Please provide as much information as possible so we can handle the request accurately and quickly.

Web Portal
If you do not have access to the EZ Micro Solutions Service Portal please contact us and request access. The support portal can be accessed by going to www.myezmicro.com. This will show you all of tickets for your organization and the current status of those tickets. Additionally, new tickets can be created and information can be added to existing tickets. In addition, depending on your restriction level, you'll be able to view all of your past invoices with EZ Micro as well as view the details of all of your managed devices (servers, firewalls, PCs, etc.).

Standard Phone Support
To reach the EZ Micro Solutions call 610-264-1232. If you should need assistance after hours, weekends, or holidays, please press 3 to have the Engineer on-call notified of your situation. Please note, our Emergency Rate applies after-hours, weekends and holidays.



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