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November Edition 2016
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Welcome to EZ Micro
Please help me welcome our newest Service Engineer, Carl O'Keefe, to EZ Micro Solutions. Carl comes to us with over 17 years of IT experience, covering a broad spectrum of helpdesk and network engineering.

In his free time, Carl enjoys spending time with his wife of 13 years and their four-year-old daughter. Carl's wife is a part-time teacher at the pre-school their daughter attends, filling a very different role from teaching high school students in years prior.

Carl's father retired this year, making more time to spoil his granddaughter! In the same year, Carl's Father-in-law also retired from Gettysburg National Park and moved to Maine. We know who to hit up for live lobsters come summer time!!!

Please welcome Carl to EZ Micro.
It's time for the Seventh Annual Giving Tree!
We are now in our seventh year of what has become the tradition that we call the Giving Tree. Through the Giving Tree last year, we were able to provide 19 local families (44 children in all) with Christmas gifts and holiday cheer they would not have otherwise have had. Helping others has always been a passion of mine, and I have been blessed with employees who feel the same way. The most rewarding and unique aspect of the Giving Tree is that it allows us to offer personalized support to the individuals in each family. This year, we will be teaming up with Hope for Veterans, Lehigh Valley Center for Independent Living, and Executive Education Charter School.

We worked with them to adopt another 19 families again this year, and we feel very confident that our amazing network of clients and friends will be there to help us. If you plan on making a donation to a charity this year, we ask that you consider helping out one of these families in need. Please visit our website at http://www.ezmicro.com to learn more about our Giving Tree and the families involved. You can see the members of each family, the ages of the children and the gifts they are hoping for this holiday season.

Thank you to everyone who has responded to the Giving Tree thus far. We are so fortunate to be blessed with such kind-hearted friends, family, and clients. A few of the families have already been adopted but there are many others that are still without sponsors. If all 19 families are adopted, or if you would like to contribute but not adopt a family, we will find a way to include your donation. Please contact us to discuss what you would like to do and we will work with you.

PLEASE NOTE: All gifts for adopted families must be dropped off at our office no later than Friday, December 2nd.

Thank you again for your generosity.

Dave Dooley
President – EZ Micro Solutions

We are all collecting all types of non-perishable foods.
All food collected will be delivered to local families in need the week of December 19th.

Download the flyer!
Disclosing vulnerabilities to protect users
Google Security Blog
On Friday, October 21st, we reported 0-day vulnerabilities -- previously publicly-unknown vulnerabilities -- to Adobe and Microsoft. Adobe updated Flash on October 26th to address CVE-2016-7855; this update is available via Adobe's updater and Chrome auto-update.

After 7 days, per our published policy for actively exploited critical vulnerabilities, we are today disclosing the existence of a remaining critical vulnerability in Windows for which no advisory or fix has yet been released.

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Fun Times at the Pocono Raceway!
Lisa Buss
I rented this Polaris Slingshot from Pocono Raceway the entire day. Talk about a fun way to enjoy the Fall foliage in the mountains.

Pulling into the diner for breakfast was an experience. It took us roughly 15 minutes to make our way inside after answering questions from onlookers and little ones wanting to climb aboard.

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A Chain-Smoking Robot Isn't Just Hilarious--It's a Big Deal

Robots are great at a lot of things--brute force, repetition, and speed, for instance (though maybe not walking). Now add to that list one of the most human of human endeavors: smoking.

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EZMicro presents...


Jimmy Kimmel's 6th Annual I Told My Kids I Ate All Their Halloween Candy 2016
What if they had lived to fade away?

Rock and roll legends who died young imagined in old age with the help of photo technology
Some of the greatest talents in modern music were cut down in their prime, leaving fans to guess what sort of heart-stopping guitar riffs Jimi Hendrix may have come up with had he lived past 27, or how John Lennon would have continued to shape rock & roll as we know it had he not been gunned down at age 40.

While there's no way to know the genius rock anthems that could have been, thanks to these 12 age-progressed portraits commissioned by Sachs Media we can at least see what our idols might look like today.

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Q: The number 8,549,176,320 is a unique number.

Can you tell me what is so special about it?

Get the Answer!
Have You Ever Wondered?
• Was turkey on the menu at the first Thanksgiving?
• How did the turkey become the Thanksgiving bird?
• Can turkeys fly?

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Windows 10 Creators Update: All the new features Microsoft didn't mention
The Verge
Microsoft announced its Creators Update during its press event earlier this week, and a fast-paced video has highlighted a number of new changes. While we're expecting to see features like better trackpad gesture control, blue light reduction (like F.lux), and Windows Holographic integration, Microsoft has a whole lot more planned.

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Remember these? 1955! SEE MORE HERE

If they raise the minimum wage to $1.00, nobody will be able to hire outside help at the store.

When I first started driving, who would have thought gas would someday cost 25 cents a gallon? Guess we'd be better off leaving the car in the garage.
Can you match the baby picture with the EZ Micro employee?
Start guessing!
The Synergy Project
The Synergy Project is a Valley Youth House program designed to help runaway, homeless, nomadic, and street youth age 21 and under in the Lehigh Valley. The program offers survival supplies, peer support, informal counseling, referral services and assistance to get off the streets, if desired.

This holiday season, EZ Micro Solutions is collecting items to help this grass-roots effort.

Please consider donating, and find more information here.
Toys for Tots
Lisa Buss
Every year, the Riff Raff Riders motorcycle group does a ride benefiting Toys for Tots. This year we had an additional vehicle join us from Mission BBQ in Whitehall.

When it was time to leave, Santa was in front leading us down the highway, with the massive Mission BBQ truck pulling up the rear. Young and old passersby did double takes for sure. We had warm weather and autumn colored leaves that made it feel like a fall foliage ride instead of a toy run. Arriving at our destination at Homewood Suites, we were greeted by two Marines waiting to receive the toys. Santa had his own reserved parking space of course!

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Did You Know?
TYPEWRITER is the Longest Word That Can Be Typed on One Row of Keys...
  • Maine is the only state with a one-syllable name .
  • One out of five people in the world (1.1 billion people) live on less than $1 per day.
  • Babe Ruth wore a cabbage leaf under his cap to keep his head cool. He changed it every two innings.
  • Most lipstick contains fish scales.
  • It is physically impossible for you to lick your elbow.
  • No word in the English language rhymes with month, orange, silver, or purple.
  • If you were to spell out numbers, you would you have to go until 1,000 until you would find the letter A.
  • Coca-Cola was originally green.

3D-Printed 'Lego' Bricks Could Bend Sound into Acoustic Holograms
Credit: Duke University


3D-printed bricks that look like Lego pieces could provide a simple, low-cost way of creating acoustic holograms -- 3D shapes and structures made of sound -- for applications as varied as entertainment, medicine or wireless charging, according to a recent study.


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The Tucker Toy Run
Lisa Buss

Leaving Tri-Boro Sportsmen Club in Northampton
Giving back is a HUGE part of what EZ Micro is all about. Our employees are very active in community events.

Our Customer Account Manager; Lisa Buss took part in the one of the largest Lehigh Valley toy runs. The Tucker Toy Run is an annual ride that was started for Tucker Stuart of Fogelsville who died in a motorcycle crash back in 2011.

The ride left Tri-Boro Sportsmen Club in Northampton and had a police escort all the way to St. Luke's in Bethlehem. A huge shout out to all the police, EMT, Firefighters and organizers who put this event together. Thank you to everyone who participated, and to those of you along the road who cheered us on. The children will certainly remember the grand entrance with sirens, whistles and horns a blazin. Most of all, they will remember the smiles, good people and outpour of generosity that day!

See more photos HERE
How to Request Service From EZ Micro Solutions


We're nuts about
helping our customers!
Do you need support? Are you a new client or a new employee of a client or do you just need a little refresh on how to request service from EZ Micro? Whatever the reason you are reading this article, here are the details for reaching us!

Service Desk
Our Dispatch Coordinator is the center of our support team. Any issues you experience should be reported here first by opening a Service Request using one of the following methods. Our service desk is available from 8:00 AM EST - 5:00 PM EST Monday through Friday.

Simply send an e-mail to support@ezmicro.com. The subject line of the e-mail will become the Summary of the Service Ticket. The body of the e-mail will be posted to the Detail Description section of the Service Ticket. Please provide as much information as possible so we can handle the request accurately and quickly.

Web Portal
If you do not have access to the EZ Micro Solutions Service Portal please contact us and request access. The support portal can be accessed by going to www.myezmicro.com. This will show you all of tickets for your organization and the current status of those tickets. Additionally, new tickets can be created and information can be added to existing tickets. In addition, depending on your restriction level, you'll be able to view all of your past invoices with EZ Micro as well as view the details of all of your managed devices (servers, firewalls, PCs, etc.).

Standard Phone Support
To reach the EZ Micro Solutions call 610-264-1232. If you should need assistance after hours, weekends, or holidays, please press 3 to have the Engineer on-call notified of your situation. Please note, our Emergency Rate applies after-hours, weekends and holidays.



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