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February Edition 2017
Welcome to EZ Micro  |  Blondies, Lily’s Hope Foundation, and EZ Micro Solutions team up for Fundraiser!  |  Jeez, all we said was “clean up your work area!”  |  Project Keep Warm  |  Don't Fall for This Sophisticated Gmail Phishing Scam  |  Microsoft to Enterprise IT: Time to Ditch Windows 7  |  EZMicro presents...  |  Fastnacht Day   |  Puzzle  |  Quote of the Month  |  Finally! A Plastic Bag That's Safe to Eat  |  Teen With Terminal Cancer Inspires Acts of Kindness With Bucket List  |  Did You Know?  |  Lego Life is Safe Social Networking for Kids  |  Latest Threat to Credit Card Security Is Undetectable  |  50 Useful Tips And Tricks For Making Everyday Life Easier  |  How to Request Service From EZ Micro Solutions
Welcome to EZ Micro
Blondies, Lily’s Hope Foundation, and EZ Micro Solutions
team up for Fundraiser!

By: Lisa Buss
Blondies, Lily’s Hope Foundation, and EZ Micro Solutions are very excited to announce a sinfully delicious fundraiser that will begin on Friday, February 17th. Introducing the EZ Does IT” cupcake!

As many of our readers may know, I do a lot of charity/outreach work in the community, both inside and outside of EZ Micro Solutions. I had this crazy idea to write an email to Rebecca Gillespie (owner of Blondies) and ask her if she would be interested in creating a cupcake together and selling it at Blondies throughout 2017, with all proceeds going to Lily’s Hope Foundation. Most business owners would have you jump through hoops, attend countless meetings, and sit on boring conference calls, taking months to launch an idea if they even agree to work with you in the first place. Let me tell you that was NOT the experience I had at all.

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Jeez, all we said was “clean up your work area!”  By: Lisa Buss
Boy, when you tell these guys to clean up, they take it seriously!

In order to make room for our growing engineering staff, we installed new cubicles in January. The old units were cleaned out, broken down, and placed in storage. The guys got creative and found temporary homes throughout the office. The rugs were shampooed, and Kyle got busy re-wiring the entire area.

We now have room to add two more engineers and the guys got nice, new stand / sit desks that they have been waiting for since last year.

Check out the new hydraulics on these desks! It was chaos for a few days, but hopefully none of our clients noticed!

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Project Keep Warm  By: Lisa Buss

In January, we took Project Keep Warm on the road. Several volunteers took hundreds of new and gently used donated winter items (coats, gloves, hats etc.) to neighborhood outreach areas in Allentown, Bethlehem and Easton.

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Don't Fall for This Sophisticated Gmail Phishing Scam
To protect yourself against this attack, you will need to pay close attention to your browser's location bar.

Heads up, Gmail users: a new phishing attack is making the rounds and it's fooling even technically-savvy, security-conscious users.

SecurityWatchThe ruse aims to steal usernames and passwords for Gmail and other services, and "is being used right now with a high success rate," according to Mark Maunder, CEO of WordPress security plugin Wordfence, who described the campaign in detail.

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Microsoft to Enterprise IT: Time to Ditch Windows 7
Even though Windows 7 support runs through 2020, Microsoft is touting the security benefits of Windows 10.

Is your business still using Windows 7? It's time to upgrade to Windows 10, according to Microsoft, even though end-of-life support for the aging operating system is still three years away.

Windows 10 Bug ArtWindows 7 isn't as secure as its modern counterpart, Markus Nitschke, head of Windows at Microsoft's German subsidiary, wrote in a German blog post.

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EZMicro presents...


Two beautiful little girls perform TNT - AC / DC
Fastnacht Day

Lisa Buss
Fastnacht Day is an annual Pennsylvania Dutch celebration that falls on Shrove Tuesday, the day before Ash Wednesday. The word translates to "Fast Night" in English. The tradition is to eat the very best foods, which are part of the German tradition, and lots of it, before the Lenten fast.

The question arises every year around Fat Tuesday - what is a fastnacht?

Is it a doughnut? Should it be square, round or have a hole in the center? Dare anyone ask, how many calories are in a fasnacht?

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Q: Man gave one son 10 cents

And another son was given 15 cents.

What time is it?

Get the Answer!
Quote of the Month

The possession of knowledge does not kill the sense of wonder and mystery. There is always more mystery.

— Anais Nin

Prison Break
Finally! A Plastic Bag That's Safe to Eat
They biodegrade in 90 days, are safe for animals to eat, and even make a pretty good tea.

More US locales are moving to ban or charge customers for single-use plastic bags, in an effort to reduce their environmental impact. But an Indonesian start-up may have a better solution.

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Avani bio-polymer safe for animals to consume
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Teen With Terminal Cancer Inspires Acts of Kindness With Bucket List
A 17-year-old from New Brunswick with terminal brain cancer is asking others to help complete her bucket list.

Becca Schofield has been fighting cancer for nearly two years, and despite recent bad news, has taken on a new campaign: to inspire people everywhere to perform an act of kindness.

"Since so many people want to help with my bucket list, Dad and I have masterminded a plan that will allow anyone to help with my bucket list," she wrote on Facebook. "No matter who you are, if you see this message, please do an act of kindness for someone else."

"I want them to take the focus away from all the bad things that happen in this world and I want them to realize that this life is a gift and you have to cherish every moment that you get," Schofield told CTV News.

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Did You Know?

In the Middle Ages, young men and women drew names from a bowl to see who would be their Valentine. They would wear this name pinned onto their sleeves for one week for everyone to see. This was the origin of the expression “to wear your heart on your sleeve.”


Lego Life is Safe Social Networking for Kids
The mobile app includes building challenges, artistic activities, and quizzes.

Most social networks don't permit users under the age of 13. But Lego Life is not most social networks.

The mobile app invites children five- to 13-years-old to join creative challenges in a safe online environment.

In an effort to keep real identities hidden, Lego Life encourages users to create an alter ego: pick a username and accessorize a minifigure or minidoll to represent you.

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Latest Threat to Credit Card Security Is Undetectable
They are called shimmers, and they hide inside ATM and terminal card readers.

When using an ATM to withdraw cash or to check available funds, there's a number of things you can do to ensure safe access to your account. These include covering the keypad when entering your PIN, checking no one suspicious is standing nearby, and looking the ATM over to see if it has been tampered with. However, none of those steps can help you avoid the latest threat to your card's security: shimmers.

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50 Useful Tips And Tricks For Making Everyday Life Easier
Here is a large picture list of 50 different tricks and tips you can use in your everyday life. These Life Hacks include making it easier to go shopping to making home improvements easier. We all need some common sense everyday solutions to things we just usually accept. These useful tricks can make your life easier and hopefully save you time and money.  Click here:



How to Request Service From EZ Micro Solutions


We're nuts about
helping our customers!
Do you need support? Are you a new client or a new employee of a client or do you just need a little refresh on how to request service from EZ Micro? Whatever the reason you are reading this article, here are the details for reaching us!

Service Desk
Our Dispatch Coordinator is the center of our support team. Any issues you experience should be reported here first by opening a Service Request using one of the following methods. Our service desk is available from 8:00 AM EST - 5:00 PM EST Monday through Friday.

Simply send an e-mail to support@ezmicro.com. The subject line of the e-mail will become the Summary of the Service Ticket. The body of the e-mail will be posted to the Detail Description section of the Service Ticket. Please provide as much information as possible so we can handle the request accurately and quickly.

Web Portal
If you do not have access to the EZ Micro Solutions Service Portal please contact us and request access. The support portal can be accessed by going to www.myezmicro.com. This will show you all of tickets for your organization and the current status of those tickets. Additionally, new tickets can be created and information can be added to existing tickets. In addition, depending on your restriction level, you'll be able to view all of your past invoices with EZ Micro as well as view the details of all of your managed devices (servers, firewalls, PCs, etc.).

Standard Phone Support
To reach the EZ Micro Solutions call 610-264-1232. If you should need assistance after hours, weekends, or holidays, please press 3 to have the Engineer on-call notified of your situation. Please note, our Emergency Rate applies after-hours, weekends and holidays.



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