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December Edition 2016
Merry Christmas  |  Seventh Annual Giving Tree!  |  Santa's Secret Midnight Mission  | A Walk Down Memory Lane  |  The guys did WHAT?!  |  Chrome is about to start warning users that non-HTTPS sites are insecure  |  Battery tech: The real start of reliable renewable energy  |  EZMicro presents...  |  Hottest Holiday toys then, and now:  |  Thanksgiving in Paradise  |  Puzzle  |  Christmas Riddles  |  How to track credit card skimmers  |  How to Turn Off Clutter in Outlook / Office 365  |  The Treadmill Originated in Prisons  |  How to Stop Car Windows from Fogging Up  |  Donation Links for Extra Life 2016   |  One of the Toughest Jobs During the Holiday Season!  |  Flowers For Taco was nominated for Outstanding New Band/Soloist of 2016!!!!!!  |  Amazon's Register-Free Grocery Shopping Could Disrupt Retail  |  Did You Know?  |  How To Send A Care Package To A Dog Serving Overseas  |  China's Zhangjiajie glass bridge closes after two weeks  |  How to Request Service From EZ Micro Solutions
7th Annual Giving Tree Event
Lisa Buss

We hosted our 7th annual Giving Tree event, held at the Executive Education Academy Charter School, on Thursday, December 8. If you are unfamiliar with this annual event, here's how it works. We partner with local agencies to identify families in the Lehigh Valley who need some extra help around the holidays. This year we worked with HOPE for Veterans, the Lehigh Valley Center for Independent Living, and the Executive Education Academy Charter School. You, our generous clients and friends, "adopt" these families and provide them with Christmas gifts from their wish lists. This year we were able to help 20 families, with 63 children in all! While we make arrangements for the families to receive the gifts, we also plan a special Christmas party for the adopted families. Through our connections at the North Pole, we are able to have Santa attend the party to hand out a gift to each child!

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The majority of the Lehigh Valley doesn't have to worry where their next meal will come from. However, 12 % of the residents in our area don't know if they will eat breakfast, lunch, or dinner. This equates to roughly 75,000 individuals in the Lehigh Valley that are classified as Food Insecure. He or she can be the person you pass in the office, the classmate seated next to you, or the passenger you sit next to on the bus. The face of hunger is many times unrecognizable.

Everyone has the power to help--it's just a matter of putting a plan into motion. Lehigh Valley Business Group did just that. Like them, we can make a difference in our community and set a precedence for others to follow.

We have been asking people to collect non-perishable food items throughout the month of November and through December 9th. Volunteers gathered at the Executive Education Academy Charter School to bag and deliver food to over 100 families the weekend of December 17th. Everyone delivering food simply rang or knocked on the door and left the bags of food at the residence with the simple message seen on the card to the right! 
See photos here

Download the flyer!
A Walk Down Memory Lane: Nobody did Christmas like the old Hess department store used to.   See More Photos HERE

The guys did WHAT?!
This year, we had another amazing office Christmas party. Some would say that Chris Reber and Lisa Buss enjoyed it just a mistletoe more than everyone else, and for very good reason!

In the years past, Chris and Lisa planned the holiday parties. This included all the shopping, food prep, catering, games, office decorations, set-up, and clean-up. This year, the guys put together a committee to plan the office party. Yes, there was a LOT of meat on the menu, but they took care of everything which was an early Christmas gift to us!

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Chrome is about to start warning users that non-HTTPS sites are insecure
If this catches on with the other browsers it'll only be a matter time before our DPI SSL is to be functioning on every single firewall.

An imminently forthcoming version of Google's Chrome browser will flip the way that browsers convey information about privacy and security to users: instead of discreetly informing users that the HTTPS-enabled sites they're browsing are more secure, they'll flag any non-HTTPS site as insecure, with a series of escalating alerts that will end -- at some unspecified date -- by displaying an exclamation point inside red triangle and the letters HTTP next to the web addresses of non-HTTPS sites.

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Battery tech: The real start of reliable renewable energy
used with the permission of http://thenetwork.cisco.com
by Blake Snow
How long until we collectively find a breakthrough in energy storage?

Energy harnessed from the sun, wind, or water is a lot cleaner than it is reliable. When it comes to tapping these energy sources, somedays are better than others.

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EZMicro presents...


Fill my Basket - Pay it Forward
Hottest Holiday toys then, and now:

Lisa Buss

On Black Friday, parents and grandparents will scramble for Star Wars toys. Again! There has always been that one must-have holiday gift over the years, from the remote control, to Tickle Me Elmo to Furby to... well, all the way back to toy soldiers and Barbie dolls.

The Sixties introduced several iconic dolls, balls and play things to American toy chests. Let's take a look back and revisit what the hot new toy was in each year of the decade. Which ones did you ask Santa for -- or better yet receive?

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Thanksgiving in Paradise
By Chris Kondravy

Hello everyone! My name is Chris Kondravy, and I am the Inside Sales Associate here at EZ Micro Solutions. What some of you may not know about me is that working at EZ Micro is not my only job! When I am not selling for EZ Micro, I am usually behind a drum set & microphone performing with my group, Flowers For Taco!

Flowers For Taco, a national pop-dance-reggae cover band, has been blessed with the opportunity to play in a many venues around the Northeastern region of the United States ranging from the Volksplatz Stage at Musikfest in Bethlehem, Seacrets in Ocean City Maryland, and as far west as Ohio!

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Q: Re-arrange the letters,


to spell just one word.

Get the Answer!
Christmas Riddles
What does a snowman like to eat for breakfast?
Frosted Flakes.

Why are Christmas trees bad at knitting?
Because they always drop their needles.

What do elves learn in school?
The elf-abet.

When does Christmas come before Thanksgiving?
In the dictionary.

How to track credit card skimmers
By Komando Staff, Komando.com
One of the more successful tools of 21st century crooks is the skimmer. Thieves attach them to ATMs, gas pumps and other places people swipe their credit and debit cards. Once in place, this sneaky bit of electronics steals the magnetic strip information from your card.

The thieves use this information to clone your card, and once they have a clone, they can drain your bank account, or run up huge bills and trash your credit before you even know it. That's one reason credit card companies and stores are switching to EMV cards, but it will take a while before every retailer has them.

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How to Turn Off Clutter in Outlook / Office 365
Clutter is a mailbox management feature of Office 365 for Business. (If you don't have an Office 365 for Business subscription, you will not have this feature.) It analyzes how you process your email and then moves "unimportant" or low-priority email from your Inbox into a special folder, to save you the time of doing this yourself. Essentially, it sorts emails it thinks you will already ignore into a secondary Inbox. If you already have an email spam protection tool running, Clutter may be overkill. If you're tired of fishing emails out of the special folder or forgetting to check it entirely, you can turn it off. Here's how!

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The Treadmill Originated in Prisons
by Cassie Arnold


Exercising on a treadmill often feels like torture, and that's not exactly a coincidence.
In 1818, an English civil engineer named Sir William Cubitt devised a machine called the "tread-wheel" to reform stubborn and idle convicts.

Prisoners would step on the 24 spokes of a large paddle wheel, climbing it like a modern StairMaster. As the spokes turned, the gears were used to pump water or crush grain. (Hence the eventual name treadmill.)

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How to Stop Car Windows from Fogging Up
Foggy car windows are an annoying thing that most of us have to deal with in the winter. It happens to all of us -- after just a few minutes into driving, you suddenly can't see straight! Suddenly, you're scrambling to hit just the right button or knob to get your line of sight back. This isn't just annoying, it's also dangerous when you're on the road.

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One of the Toughest Jobs During the Holiday Season!
Not everyone gets jolly when it's time to see Jolly Ol' St. Nick.

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Donation Links for Extra Life 2016
Clint Schaeffer, Senior Network Engineer
The name of the event is Extra Life.
Much like a walkathon where people who are able to or who like to walk do so for donations for a chartable cause, Extra life is an event where people who are able or like to play games for 24 hours straight for donations for a chartable cause. All the donations go towards the children's miracle hospital of our choice. I believe we both chose the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia(CHOP).

Nate and I played the 24 hours from 7am to 7am November 5th to November 6th.

Donations are still accepted until the end of the year if anyone still wants to donate. Our links for donations are below. Michael did not sign up for Extra Life (because he couldn't do the 24 hrs) but he kept us company and played games with us for most of the day on the 5th and into the early morning hours of the 6th.

Link for Clint
Link for Nate
Flowers For Taco was nominated for
Outstanding New Band/Soloist of 2016!!!!!!
EZ Micro would like to congratulate Chris Kondravy (Inside Sales) and his band "Flowers for Taco" on getting nominated in the Lehigh Valley Music Awards!!!  See Full List HERE
Amazon's Register-Free Grocery Shopping Could Disrupt Retail
By David Jones - E-Commerce Times - ECT News Network
Amazon on Monday unveiled a prototype convenience store called "Amazon Go," which uses mobile e-commerce, machine learning and computer vision to allow customers to make purchases without a cashier.

The 1,800 square foot concept store in Seattle uses the company's Just Walk Out technology, which incorporates many of the same concepts found in self-driving cars, Amazon said.

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Did You Know?
Mistletoe and Christmas holly

Mistletoe and holly at Christmas
To avoid persecution during the Roman pagan festival of Saturnalis, the early Christians decked their homes with Saturnalia holly. As Christian numbers increased and their customs prevailed, holly and mistletoe lost their pagan associations and became symbols of Christmas. Read MORE
How To Send A Care Package To A Dog Serving Overseas


In 2002 we started with sending items to our U S Military Working Dogs to protect them from the harsh weather and terrain with items such as Doggles to protect their eye from the sand storms and cooling vest to protect them from the high temperature and protect them from heat stroke. Dog boots to protect their paws from the heat and terrain.


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China's Zhangjiajie glass bridge closes after two weeks

The terrifying new glass bridge is in
China's Hunan province.
A glass-bottomed bridge in China that was heralded as a record-breaker when it opened just 13 days ago has closed.

Officials said the government was planning urgent maintenance work in the area and the bridge closed on Friday, with a re-opening time to be announced.

But the US CNN network said a spokesman told them the bridge, spanning a canyon, was "overwhelmed by the volume of visitors".

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How to Request Service From EZ Micro Solutions


We're nuts about
helping our customers!
Do you need support? Are you a new client or a new employee of a client or do you just need a little refresh on how to request service from EZ Micro? Whatever the reason you are reading this article, here are the details for reaching us!

Service Desk
Our Dispatch Coordinator is the center of our support team. Any issues you experience should be reported here first by opening a Service Request using one of the following methods. Our service desk is available from 8:00 AM EST - 5:00 PM EST Monday through Friday.

Simply send an e-mail to support@ezmicro.com. The subject line of the e-mail will become the Summary of the Service Ticket. The body of the e-mail will be posted to the Detail Description section of the Service Ticket. Please provide as much information as possible so we can handle the request accurately and quickly.

Web Portal
If you do not have access to the EZ Micro Solutions Service Portal please contact us and request access. The support portal can be accessed by going to www.myezmicro.com. This will show you all of tickets for your organization and the current status of those tickets. Additionally, new tickets can be created and information can be added to existing tickets. In addition, depending on your restriction level, you'll be able to view all of your past invoices with EZ Micro as well as view the details of all of your managed devices (servers, firewalls, PCs, etc.).

Standard Phone Support
To reach the EZ Micro Solutions call 610-264-1232. If you should need assistance after hours, weekends, or holidays, please press 3 to have the Engineer on-call notified of your situation. Please note, our Emergency Rate applies after-hours, weekends and holidays.



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