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April Edition 2017
Welcome to EZ Micro  |  Why the FBI is attending an EZ Micro Event?  |  WE NEED YOUR HELP!   |  Win a four pack of Lehigh Valley Zoo tickets!!  |  Traditions and style have changed drastically over the years.  |  Smart, Dancing, Bag-Carrying Robots Help Airport Travelers  |  Protecting yourself from the Turkish Crime Family through 2FA  |  Cyborgs at work: employees getting implanted with microchips  |  Stroudsburg diner wants people to unplug  |  EZMicro presents...  |  Starbucks Just Released A Frappuccino With A Pie Crust Lid  |  Puzzle  |  Quote of the Month  |  The Green Underground  |  Did You Know?   |  Some pretty neat gadgets  |  How to Request Service From EZ Micro Solutions
Welcome to EZ Micro


We have invited guest speakers that will have you shaking your head in disbelief and asking questions you probably don't want the answers to.

Bonus -Register a person from a qualifying company as your guest, and receive a $50 gift card as our gift to you.

*A qualifying company will be a business that has 10 or more computers that is not already a client of ours and is within our service area.

First up, watch as representatives from Datto, (joining us all the way from CT) take a company pc, start it on fire, then flood it with water! I guess that data is GONE ... or is it?? Come see what happens.

Up next, we have Supervisory Special Agent Benjamin Stone, of the Philadelphia FBI joining us. What he shares about cyber security will send chills down your spine. Find out how to protect yourself, your business and your loved ones.

Our Partners from SonicWall will also be available to answers questions.

PLUS, For those attending this event, you will be the first to hear the surprising news Dave Dooley will be announcing after 25 year of owning EZ Micro Solutions.
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Win a four pack of Lehigh Valley Zoo tickets!!
Giraffes are scheduled to arrive at the zoo in late Spring 2017!

The first three emails I receive at lisa@ezmicro.com with the phrase "send me to the zoo" will win a family four pack of Lehigh Valley Zoo tickets!!  Be sure to include your name and mailing address.
Traditions and style have changed drastically over the years...

1968 - Hess Brothers Department Store - Easter Bunny Arrival

The days of wearing Easter bonnets and dressing your best for church are practically a thing of the past.

Window displays would be one of the huge attractions at Hess Brothers in Allentown. Today, you almost always need to make the trip into the bigger cities to catch one of these marvelous displays of art. New York City offers extravagant window dressing in store fronts such as Bloomingdale's, Tiffany & Co., Macy's and Saks Fifth Avenue, just to name a few.

The flashy city is well worth the trip, but there's something to be said about the nostalgia of our very own Hess's from a time not so long ago.

1955 Hess Easter Display

Smart, Dancing, Bag-Carrying Robots Help Airport Travelers
By Patricia Schnaidt
Travelers needing assistance, food or just a diversion at the Oakland International Airport need to look no further than the newest IoT helpmate, Pepper the robot. Passengers can meet and greet Pepper in front of the Pyramid Ale Taproom in Terminal 2 of the Oakland Airport.

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Protecting yourself from the Turkish Crime Family through 2FA
By Greg Leffler

Come April 7, your iPhones, iPads, and Macs will be at the mercy of the Turkish Crime Family -- unless Apple pays a ransom.

This is the story as broken earlier this week by Motherboard, which says the group (who nobody has heard of until now) has threatened to remotely wipe at least 200 million Apple devices unless the company pays extortion of $75,000-$100,000. In this matter, Apple has latitude: By paying in Bitcoin -- the global criminal currency of choice -- it would, as it were, be getting a discount. If Apple chooses to pay the piper in iTunes gift cards, however (yes, seriously), the demand is 33% higher to presumably make up for the cost of money-laundering all those easy-to-trace gift cards.

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Cyborgs at work: employees getting implanted with microchips
Associated Press JAMES BROOKS

STOCKHOLM (AP) -- The syringe slides in between the thumb and index finger. Then, with a click, a microchip is injected in the employee's hand. Another "cyborg" is created.

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Stroudsburg diner wants people to unplug
By Tim Silfies

STROUDSBURG, Pa. - It's no secret that America is plugged in and that most of us spend a lot of time buried in our cell phones and electronic devices.

One diner owner in Stroudsburg doesn't like it, and he's doing something about it.

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Tallest Chocolate Easter Egg

The tallest chocolate Easter egg measured 10.39 m (34 ft 1.05 in) in height and was made by Tosca (Italy). It was measured at Le Acciaierie Shopping Centre, in Cortenuova, Italy on 16 April 2011.

The chocolate Easter egg weighed 7,200 kg (15,873) and had a circumference of 19.6 m (64 ft 3.65 in) at its widest point.

EZMicro presents...


How A Culinary Student Made These Giant Chocolate Geodes
Starbucks Just Released A Frappuccino With A Pie Crust Lid


Why bake a pie when you can drink one?

When it comes to Frappuccino's, we know that you can't get enough. From hacking the menu to creating over-the-top flavors like Samoa cookie and flipping for every rainbow drink under the sun -- Starbucks fans are dedicated, to say the least.

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Quote of the Month
Judge a man by his questions rather than his answers.

-- Voltaire

Tom and Jerry turned 76.
Thank you for an awesome childhoold!
The Green Underground
Set to be the world's first fully subterranean park, the Lowline is adding a whole new dimension to urban revitalization.

Residents of New York City will soon be able to soak up some sun, wiggle their toes in the grass, and eat locally grown pineapple--all underground.

Strawberries in the subway?
In a long-abandoned trolley terminal beneath Delancey Street in Lower Manhattan, an ambitious, almost futuristic undertaking is underway. The brainchild of New Yorkers James Ramsey and Dan Barasch, the Lowline is a one-acre subterranean plot designed to provide New York City with a slice of green space and a fully functional source of sustainably grown fruits and vegetables. 
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Kyles Stuckert "engineered" this lamp and brought it into work to put at his desk. I must say, we have some talented people working here at EZ Micro. If it's broke, they can fix it. If it needs to be constructed, they have a plan!

Did You Know? 
Lehigh Valley HOPE offers more than just clothing

· Our volunteers include young to seniors and families
· This is a resource room that is building its local service provider information
· High school students earn community service hours
· Girl & Boy scouts can earn their community badges
· We work with local courts for adults to obtain their community service hours

                                     .... and so much more - read about it HERE!


My dog can't even get along with himself!

Some pretty neat gadgets:

Suntree Solar Charger

The Suntree Solar Charger is a solar powered charger for your mobile phone. It is powered by 9 solar panel leaves and has a trunk made from bamboo.

You can charge your smartphone at the end of the day using the power harvested during the day. You can also charge up the built-in battery by connecting the microUSB port to external power.

PreVue Pregnancy eTextile Device Lets Mothers See Their Baby Grow

With post-partum depression, a real issue for mothers, the PreVue aims to give both genders of parents the chance to get to know their baby before it ever comes along.

Designed to look like a large belt, the PreVue cinches in the back and fits over the abdomen. With the press of a button, a special ultrasonic layer next to the skin images the baby and then places this image onto a stretchable electronic textile that can grow as the mother does. At every stage of the baby's growth, the parents can see its reaction to stimuli, see it kick, spin, smile and evolve in front of their eyes.

How to Request Service From EZ Micro Solutions

We're nuts about
helping our customers!

Do you need support? Are you a new client or a new employee of a client or do you just need a little refresh on how to request service from EZ Micro? Whatever the reason you are reading this article, here are the details for reaching us!

Service Desk
Our Dispatch Coordinator is the center of our support team. Any issues you experience should be reported here first by opening a Service Request using one of the following methods. Our service desk is available from 8:00 AM EST - 5:00 PM EST Monday through Friday.

Simply send an e-mail to support@ezmicro.com. The subject line of the e-mail will become the Summary of the Service Ticket. The body of the e-mail will be posted to the Detail Description section of the Service Ticket. Please provide as much information as possible so we can handle the request accurately and quickly.

Web Portal
If you do not have access to the EZ Micro Solutions Service Portal please contact us and request access. The support portal can be accessed by going to www.myezmicro.com. This will show you all of tickets for your organization and the current status of those tickets. Additionally, new tickets can be created and information can be added to existing tickets. In addition, depending on your restriction level, you'll be able to view all of your past invoices with EZ Micro as well as view the details of all of your managed devices (servers, firewalls, PCs, etc.).

Standard Phone Support
To reach the EZ Micro Solutions call 610-264-1232. If you should need assistance after hours, weekends, or holidays, please press 3 to have the Engineer on-call notified of your situation. Please note, our Emergency Rate applies after-hours, weekends and holidays.



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