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IT Service Solutions

You need help with your computers, your network, your wireless router. But where do you turn? You can’t hire a full-time employee with only basic knowledge about a handful of computer technologies. You need someone who can cover all your business’ technology needs, but you don’t want some faceless corporation that doesn’t understand your company. At EZ Micro, we bring a whole new meaning to outsourcing your information technology with excellent customer service. We take responsibility for your success, and our talented staff of technology consultants helps keep your network and computers up and running.

We will customize a Managed Service Plan that will fit the specific needs of your company, including support for your network, workstations, servers, and backup solutions. These proactive plans allow you to concentrate on your business while we take care of keeping your systems up and running.

It’s like having an IT Department without the hassle or overhead associated with doing it yourself. We work with you to understand the way you do business, and create the infrastructure and support plan to accommodate your needs. Your routine maintenance is handled by the EZ Micro team assigned to your account, and our Virtual Chief Information Officer (VCIO) will visit you to make sure things stay up and running. You don’t need to worry about whether or not you have the latest technology.  Your project services team will always keep you informed of upgrades and replacements needed to keep you current.

We make this commitment to your business in our Customer Satisfaction Guarantee.

Onsite Network Administration

Through our Network Management, Backup, and Disaster Recovery solutions, EZ Micro Solutions can help you feel confident everything is running smoothly. We will help you lower costs and mitigate risk associated with technology, allowing you to focus on the true task at hand...Running your business.

Virtual Technology Consultants

EZ Micro is your virtual technology consultant and I.T. Department, offering services like our "Virtual Chief Information Officer" (VCIO) and a number of other options. Since many business o fully wners and managers don'tunderstand technology and how it can benefit their business, we act as a trusted I.T. advisor to guide our clients through this ever changing technology maze.

Monitoring, Backup & Disaster Recovery

You can rest “EZ” knowing that we are monitoring your network with our automated utility tools 24 hours a day! Our automated processes are the key to our proactive stance in keeping your network running smoothly.

Network Security

Securing today's networks has become more challenging and complex. EZ Micro partners with some of the top developers of security appliances and software to offer innovative solutions to help keep network security threats at bay, and keep the bad guys out.

Vendor Management

When you have your own in-house IT Department you expect them to handle all of your technology vendors. Why would that be any different if we’re your IT Department? We work with your vendors to ensure they’re focused on your operations. We have very high standards to which we subscribe, and we hold your technology vendors to those same standards so you can keep focused on your organization.

Cloud Services

EZ Micro is on the front line, helping our clients understand how it can help their businesses.

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