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The success of your business is our priority, and we want to help you with your computer technology and IT projects, regardless of your industry.  We have worked with clients in Manufacturing, Construction, Healthcare, Financial, Government, Nonprofit, Education, and more.  One thing that we’ve found is that everyone has the same frustrations with technical support and IT services.  The problem is that nobody seems to be accountable anymore, which puts you, the customer, in a bad position.

At EZ Micro Solutions, we see things differently.  We are a values-driven company that prides ourselves on an extremely high caliber of service and standards.  We are not always the cheapest, but we guarantee results, and we back it up with our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee!

Our focus is on small and medium-sized businesses, not on specific vertical markets.  Our experience tells us that regardless of the industry, quality computer services are valuable in every business and vertical market. Below are some examples of categories that we serve, but our focus is not limited to these.


The manufacturing industry is constantly evolving, building products for a variety of companies. In an industry where scheduling and organization is prime, we understand the need of keeping production running to ensure on-time delivery of products, customer satisfaction and maximum profitability.

Health Care

Don’t spend time stressing over your next HIPAA audit. EZ Micro Solutions works with the health and medical fields to ensure their IT operations are compliant. Keeping an organizations infrastructure compliant with HIPAA is an undertaking that requires experience and knowledge that is not found with your everyday IT company. EZ Micro offers consultation, implementation and risk analysis for your business that meet HIPAA compliance requirements.

Financial Services

EZ Micro Solutions has over 20 years of experience managing IT infrastructure and developing strategies for banking and financial institutes. We are able to work with these companies to make sure they are compliant with all regulations.

Non-Profit & Government

As IT becomes an increasingly essential part of fundraising, promotional and operational activities, more non-profit organizations are turning to EZ Micro for their IT systems outsourcing. Offering everything from special projects assistance to full network support, we can help our clients better handle their challenges. Our efforts help ensure fiscal accountability for a wide range of non-profit companies and government organizations.

Construction & Architects

Paper, pencils and T-squares are giving way to workstations, networks, large files, more storage, backup and software. Serving the needs of engineers, contractors, architects and customers is challenging in today's fast-changing environment. Reliable technology is more critical than ever. It's no wonder why more and more engineering, architecture and construction firms are turning to us as their IT Department.


From staff to curricula to technology infrastructure, schools are challenging themselves to reach higher and demand more in terms of results. Inherent in this bold step is the opportunity to review and update their overall technology support and deployment models. By outsourcing all or certain aspects of their IT support, individual schools and school districts can focus on those elements that are key to achieving their true goals and objectives.

EZ Micro Solutions provides stakeholders at the district level with the necessary technology-based tools to meet the needs of staff and students. Rather than managing network and computer related problems, educators can spend their time working to help the 'true' end users - the students, whether they’re entering kindergarten or getting ready to graduate from high school.

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"Ben was absolutely knowledgeable, professional and fast. He took over immediately and knew what the problem was; he didn't go around guessing. I am always very happy with the staff of EZ Micro because they are always very professional and solve whatever problem I have fast. I know I sound overly enthusiastic, but when you have a computer problem and an expert takes over, the sense of relief is incredible. Thanks. ~Elizabeth" – Youth Interaction

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